• Gold: 1,328.71 -0.62
  • Silver: 16.51 -0.01
  • Euro: 1.229 -0.000
  • USDX: 89.883 -0.01
  • Oil: 63.58 0.93

Live Silver

Bid|Ask 16.51 16.56
Low|High 16.48 16.64
Change -0.01  -0.06% 
Feb 23, 2018 16:59:59 EST
1 mo -0.5466 -3.21%
1 yr -1.6696 -9.19%
Low|High 14.16 18.65

Live Gold

Bid|Ask 1,328.71 1,329.13
Low|High 1,325.78 1,331.67
Change -0.62  -0.05% 
Feb 23, 2018 16:59:58 EST
1 mo -13.15 -0.98%
1 yr +79.44 +6.36%
Low|High 1,194.88 1,366.08

Gold-Silver Ratio

Bid|Ask 80.25 80.52
Low|High 79.88 80.44
Change 0.1607  0.2% 
Feb 23, 2018 16:59:59 EST
1 mo +1.6163 +2.06%
1 yr +11.581 +16.87%
Low|High 67.33 84.85

Silver Edition


Alasdair Macleod, February 23, 5:03 pm

Gold and silver continued their consolidation of the last few weeks, becoming progressively less overbought in the process. Since last Friday’s close, gold was down $18 by early trade in Europe this morning, at $1329. Silver over the same time-frame is down only six cents at $16.60.

SilverCOTReport, February 23, 3:29 pm

COT Silver Report - February 23, 2018

SRSrocco, February 23, 8:45 am

During the last 90 minutes of trading on Wednesday, the Dow Jones Index tanked by 400 points. Supposedly, the steep selloff had something to do with the release of the Fed minutes. However, today, the market has reversed once again and is up by 200 points. Unfortunately for mainstream investors, it doesn’t matter what the Fed or Wall Street have to say; the broader markets will continue to fall precipitously over the next few years.

Gary Christenson, February 22, 10:39 am

Governments and central banks inevitably inflate the supply of currency units (devaluation) more rapidly than the underlying economy grows. They add to the unpayable debt load, pretend $230 trillion in global debt is normal, reduce the value of existing dollars, (euros, yen, pounds) as they create more currency units, and support the narrative that “all is well.”

Craig Hemke, February 20, 3:27 pm

With the recognized top in the US dollar, it appears clear that renewed bull markets have begun across the commodity sector. Copper, crude oil and even gold are showing rallies and breakouts that promise much higher prices in the months ahead. But what's the matter with silver?

Mike Maloney, February 20, 10:51 am

Join Mike Maloney in Acapulco for an update on the gold/silver ratio, which has recently hit extreme levels. How does Mike trade this to his advantage? Watch the video to find out.

Steven Saville, February 20, 9:50 am

It is partially true that silver outperforms gold during precious-metals bull markets. In particular, it’s true that silver tends to achieve a greater percentage gain than gold from bull-market start to bull-market end. It’s also the case that silver tends to do better during the final year of a cyclical bull market and during the late stages of the intermediate-term rallies that happen within cyclical bull markets. However, the early stages of gold-silver bull markets are characterised by relative strength in gold.

Clive Maund, February 18, 6:28 pm

Silver is completely “off the radar” for most investors right now which is just the way we like it when we are buying, however, as we will see, there are good reasons to believe that this will not be the case for much longer.

Eric Sprott, February 16, 3:59 pm

Man, it smells like a bull market here. There are lots of reasons you could imagine people would want to come into this market, and we’ve talked about it before. It’s what I call the bear market in cryptocurrencies, the bear market in bonds, which is becoming exceedingly obvious. And, of course, the little correction in stocks, which is not in a bear market yet, but my God, if it turns into a bear market you only have one bull market!

SilverCOTReport, February 16, 3:25 pm

COT Silver Report - February 16, 2018

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